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San Jose City Council approves policy against no-cause evictions

Source: The Mercury News - April 19, 2017

SAN JOSE — City elected leaders Tuesda approved sweeping new measures to strengthen renter protections in one of the nation’s most expensive markets — including a requirement that landlords cite a reason for refusing to renew a lease — a move advocates called “historic.”

But the changes didn’t come without a long and dramatic fight. The City Council approved the new renter policies on a split 6-5 vote after four hours of emotional testimony from frustrated and fearful renters.

The biggest change requires landlords to provide a reason for eviction under a “just cause” ordinance. Some of the reasons include not paying rent, damaging the apartment or creating a nuisance. San Jose was the only major Bay Area city without such a policy.

But landlords said the law creates unnecessary burdens and limits their ability to get rid of bad tenants.

The City Council also approved Ellis Act protections on a 6-5 vote Tuesday. The same five council members dissented.

That policy requires landlords of rent-controlled units to provide 120 days to a year of notice before they demolish, remodel or convert their buildings and give renters the right to return. They also must provide displaced renters money to relocate. If those units are re-rented within five years, the landlord would need to put all new units back under rent control.


 Tesla Signs Lease for Warehouse Space in Livermore

Tesla CEO Elon Musk never thinks small -- self-driving electric cars and solar power are, after all, just his stepping stones to Mars.  So in April, when Tesla closed a deal for new warehouse space in Livermore, it didn't go halfway. It leased 1.3 million square feet spread across three buildings at the Oaks Logistics Center.
The deal comes as Tesla ramps up its capacity to meet consumer demand for its Model 3. The sedan, which retails for $35,000 and is expected to ship this year, has received hundreds of thousands of pre-orders.
The newly built site is well positioned, a 20-minute drive from Tesla's Fremont factory, and near the Livermore Municipal Airport.

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